Homemade Dishes

新鮮出爐的住家菜, 由我們送抵府上。

Authentic Home Dishes Prepare At Home and Deliver To You.

籠仔蒸蟲草花鮮蝦十榖米 Bamboo Steamed Cordyceps Mushroom with Prawn on Multi Grain Rice


如何點餸菜 ? How To Order?

Away From Being Crowded 唔使同人逼

Hand Picked By Your Chef 廚師挑選的新鮮材料

Not Being Stuck In Traffic 唔使塞車

Myhomedishes容器均選用了Purearth 品牌的100%可降解及可堆肥的原材料如竹子和甘蔗纖維

Myhomedishes container are 100% bio-degradable using bamboo and sugar cane fibres as raw material

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